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Employee Handbook

Welcome to BoxFit Fitness!

Thank you for joining us! We are very happy to welcome you to BoxFit Fitness. As a new employee, we want you to feel that your association with BoxFit Fitness will be a mutually beneficial and pleasant one.

You have joined a center that has established an outstanding reputation for its quality services. Credit for this goes to each and every one of our employees. Our hope is that by joining our team, you too will find satisfaction and take pride in your work here. Our goal is ensure that the staff at BOXFIT enjoy an enriching fitness experience while learning and having fun. Our motto is “Don’t Leave Fitness out of your Lifestyle”. This motto helps us all remember that the main goal is to form healthy life habits our staff first, but also make it fun in the process.

This manual will provide answers to most of the questions you may have about BoxFit Fitness’s policies and procedures, including our responsibilities to you and your responsibilities to BoxFit Fitness. Your responsibility as an employee is to read and understand the policies outlined in this manual. In addition to clarifying roles and responsibilities, this manual will also provide an understanding of BoxFit Fitness’s interest in the welfare of all that work here. If anything is unclear, please discuss the matter with your full-time supervisor or our directors.

From time to time, the information included in our Employee Manual may change. Every effort will be made to keep you informed through suitable lines of communication, including postings on the bulletin boards and/or notices sent directly to you via email.


We extend to you our personal best wishes for your success and happiness with BoxFit Fitness.



BoxFit Team

Table of Contents 

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About BoxFit Fitness

About BoxFit Fitness


The BoxFit Fitness & Performance Center is located in historic College Park GA. The BoxFit facility is a, 4,700-square-foot facility that includes two weight training areas, equipped for full body workout, indoor turf, a multipurpose studio designed for boxing techniques, and a fitness center with state of the art equipment, cardiovascular units. We also have a training room where fitness assessments are offered. 


BoxFit Fitness activities are available in several forms ( BoxFit , ShredTensity, Bricks & Bands, athletic youth training, weight loss program, etc.) so those individuals may be involved as either participants or spectators.  These recreation, sport and wellness related physical activities are conducted in or around the historic College Park community.



Facility of BoxFit Fitness & Performance serves as a vital and integral part of community life.  The mission of BoxFit Fitness is to provide the facility community with programs that offer vigorous, fun-filled, health-promoting, physical activity conducive to wellness and personal development.  BoxFit Fitness supports the mission of Body by Jai by seeking to create a climate that motivates members to embrace a healthy life-style, which can enhance their academic studies, build friendships and social skills, develop leadership qualities, and cultivate a sense of ownership and belonging to the facility.  BOXFIT staff are second to none and deserve a first rate program. 

Hours of Operation

Hours of Operation 

Normal Hours

BoxFit Fitness facility’s normal hours of operation are as follows:

      ·   Monday through Friday          6 am - 8 pm

      ·   Saturday                                   8 am - 12 pm

      ·   Sunday                                       Closed


Your schedule will be determined and assigned by your full-time supervisor. On average, most employees are assigned to work a 10 to 25 hour work week. Schedules may vary depending on scheduled facility closures.

Inclement Weather Closures

In the event the facility is closed due to inclement weather conditions, the BoxFit Facility will also be closed. Inclement weather closures are decided by the emergency management team of the facility and communicated to all staff, staff, and faculty.

BoxFit Fitness employees are encouraged to ensure that their full-time supervisor has their most current contact information in order to share any updated information as it is received.

In the event an inclement closure occurs during normal hours of operation, the Staff supervisor will be notified on how to proceed and every precaution will be taken to ensure that both our employees and members are able to remain safe and secure during the event.

After Hours Entry

Staff and Temporary employees are not permitted to enter the BoxFit Facility outside of the normal hours of operation without the prior consent of your full-time supervisor. Employees required to be in the BoxFit Facility after hours for special events or projects will be provided with the necessary keys to access specific areas by their full-time supervisor.

Personnel Administration

Personnel Administration

The task of handling personnel records and related personnel administration functions within BoxFit Fitness has been assigned to the Department Business Administrator of BoxFit Fitness.  Questions regarding wages, billing  and interpretation of policies should be directed to his position.

Currently Held by: __________________________________

Employment Policies

Employees, both current and former, are expected to read, understand, and abide by the employment policies as contained within this manual. Any violation of the stated policies may lead to disciplinary action, up to dismissal.

Knowledge of BoxFit Fitness

After having learned to competently perform your own duties, your next step is to familiarize yourself with other BoxFit Fitness activities. This can prove valuable to you, our BoxFit Fitness Members and BoxFit Fitness as well. BoxFit Fitness may provide additional “cross-training” and "ad hoc training  

Knowledge of the services and products of BoxFit Fitness will help you avoid the “I don’t know” syndrome. Our BoxFit Members’ confidence in you increases, as you are able to answer their basic questions. However, please don’t pretend you know the answer or try to guess the answer when you are uncertain. If you are unsure of the correct information, refer the inquiry to your supervisor, or to a person more qualified to respond.


Confidential Information

Your employment with BoxFit Fitness assumes an obligation to maintain confidentiality both during and after employment. Any violation of confidentiality seriously injures BoxFit Fitness’s reputation and effectiveness. Confidential information includes, but is not limited to, that is personal in nature, Staff records, personnel records, and more.

Employees are not permitted to discuss confidential BoxFit Fitness information with anyone who does not have a legitimate interest in the information. This includes peers, other employees, and members.  Even casual remarks can be misinterpreted and repeated, so employees are encouraged to develop the personal discipline necessary to maintain confidentiality. If you hear, see or become aware of anyone else breaking this trust, consider what he or she might do with information they get from you.

This includes respecting the privacy of BoxFit Fitness Members.  Should someone inquire about the whereabouts of a member of BoxFit Fitness, we must politely decline their request.  This includes telling someone if an individual has been in the facility earlier that same day.  We do not transfer phone calls to, take messages for or locate BoxFit Fitness members for non-BoxFit Fitness purposes. 

If you are questioned by someone outside the facility or your department and you are concerned about the appropriateness of giving them certain information, remember that you are not required to answer, and that we do not wish you to do so. Instead, as politely as possible, refer the request to your supervisor.

No one is permitted to remove or make copies of any BoxFit Fitness records, reports or documents without prior approval from a full-time staff member of BoxFit Fitness.  Because of its seriousness, disclosure of confidential information could lead to dismissal.


CPR/ AED / Basic First Aid Requirement

All trainers are required to present and maintain up-to-date CPR/AED and Basic First Aid certificates. Employees who fail to maintain these qualifications, may be subject to dismissal. 

In an effort to accommodate these requirements, BoxFit Fitness will provide the necessary training for both CPR/AED and Basic First Aid training.  See your supervisor for scheduled training dates. 

Employment Policies


Will NOT Be Tolerated 

BoxFit Fitness intends to provide a work environment that is pleasant, healthful, comfortable, and free from intimidation, hostility or other offenses, which might interfere with work performance. Harassment of any sort - verbal, physical, and visual - will not be tolerated.


What Is Harassment?

Harassment can take many forms. It may be, but is not limited, to words, signs, jokes, pranks, intimidation, physical contact, or violence. Harassment is not necessarily sexual in nature.

Sexually harassing conduct may include unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, or any other verbal or physical contact of a sexual nature that prevents an individual from effectively performing the duties of his/her position or creates an intimidating, hostile or offensive working environment, or when such conduct is made a condition of employment or compensation, either implicitly or explicitly.



All BoxFit Fitness employees, and particularly supervisors, have a responsibility for keeping our work environment free of harassment. Any employee, who becomes aware of an incident of harassment, whether by witnessing the incident or being told of it, must report it to their immediate supervisor or any full time staff member with whom they feel comfortable. When management becomes aware that harassment might exist, it is obligated by law to take prompt and appropriate action, whether or not the victim wants the department to do so.



Any incidents of harassment must be immediately reported to a full-time supervisor.  Appropriate investigation and disciplinary action will be taken. All reports will be promptly investigated with due regard for the privacy of everyone involved. Any employee found to have harassed a fellow employee or subordinate would be subject to severe disciplinary action or possible discharge.

BoxFit Fitness will also take any additional action necessary to appropriately remedy the situation.

No adverse employment action will be taken for any employee making a good faith report of alleged harassment.

Attendance & Schedule

Attendance & Schedule

Time Clock


All Trainers and Admin Staff employees are required to clock in and out for their shift using the computer based web clock. Employees can clock in no more than 15 minutes prior to the start of their shift. Employees are not permitted to clock in or out of their shift using any other methods outside of the computer based web clock.


Time Reporting

By law we are obligated to keep accurate records of the time worked by employees.


Your time record is the only way BoxFit Fitness knows how many hours you worked and how much to pay you. Your time record indicates when you arrived and when you departed. You are to clock out and in for lunch.  All employees are required to keep the office advised of their departures from and returns to the premises during his/her work shift.

No one other than a full time employee or the employee in question may clock in or out. Tampering with another’s time record is cause for disciplinary action, including possible dismissal, of both employees. Do not alter another person’s record, or influence anyone else to alter your record for you.

Work Schedule

The BoxFit Facilityis open for operation from Monday through Friday. Trainers and Admin Staff employees may be scheduled to work between 3 to 5 days, with shifts varying from 2 to 7 hours depending on need and your availability. Your full-time supervisor will post the semester schedule. You will be notified promptly whenever a change is necessary. 

Should you have any questions concerning your work schedule, please ask your full-time supervisor.



You are expected to be at your work station and ready to work at the beginning of your assigned shift, and you are expected to remain at your work station until the end of your shift, except for approved breaks and lunch. If or when your work takes you away from your work station, please let the Staff Supervisor know where you are going and how long you expect to be gone.

Be aware that excessive time off could lead to disciplinary action.

Note: See “Excessive Absenteeism or Lateness” later on in this section for further information.


Late Arrival & Tardiness

From time to time, employees may arrive for their shift later than expected due to unforeseen events or circumstances. Employees that are unable to arrive on time for their scheduled shift are to notify the Staff Supervisor on shift of their pending arrival.

When you call in to inform BoxFit Fitness of your late arrival, ask for the Staff Supervisor directly. Please indicate when you expect to arrive for work. Notifying a fellow-employee is not sufficient. Please try to give the supervisor as much time as possible to arrange for someone else to cover your position until you arrive.


Breaks/Rest Periods

You are offered one (1) fifteen (15) minute rest break for each 4-hour shift scheduled.  This break is not mandated by law and may be unavailable depending on coverage availability.  If you work in an area where breaks are not directly assigned, please coordinate with the Staff Supervisor to maintain adequate coverage at all times.

Breaks may not be taken during the first or last 15 minutes of a work shift.  Should other abuses of the break policy arise, you may lose your break privileges.  Always be sure to return to work on time at the end of any break.

In the unlikely event of an emergency or unusual condition, the Staff Supervisor may ask you to change or postpone your break in order to finish a particular project. Under extreme circumstances, the Staff Supervisor may not be able to relieve you for a break.


Lunch Period

Employees scheduled to work at least six (6) consecutive hours must clock out for an unpaid lunch period of at least thirty (30) to sixty (60) minutes. If you will be taking a lunch period longer than 30 minutes, you must receive approval from your Staff Supervisor prior to taking the lunch break.  The time when lunch periods are scheduled varies depending on the needs of the department and your area.  You may be asked to postpone or shorten your lunch period depending on area coverage. 


Employees are not authorized to work over 40 hours per week and therefore are not eligible for overtime.  Any additional hours over your scheduled shift(s) must be authorized by your full-time supervisor prior to the hours being worked.

Acceptance of a shift as coverage does not permit an employee to work hours in excess of 40 hours per week.

Should you accidentally exceed 40 hours in a week, you will receive comp time or carry unpaid hours over to the next pay period.



       Shift Coverage



From time to time, it may be necessary for you to be absent from work. BoxFit Fitness is aware that emergencies, illnesses, or pressing personal business that cannot be scheduled outside your work hours may arise. If you are unable to report to work, or if you will arrive late, please attempt to find coverage. If you are unable to call in yourself because of an illness, emergency or for some other reason, be sure to have someone call on your behalf.

If unable to find coverage, contact the Staff Supervisor immediately. If you know in advance that you will need to be absent, you are required to find another employee to work during your scheduled hours.  A coverage form must be completed to confirm the coverage agreement.

Absence from work for three (3) consecutive days without notifying a supervisor will be considered a voluntary resignation.


Shift Coverage Request

Employees are asked to prepare, and submit a shift coverage request prior to all planned absences and immediately upon their return to work for any unplanned absences.

Employees should list their name, the name of the employee covering their shift, the date of the shift to be worked, and ensure that both them and the other party sign off of the coverage. The Staff supervisor on shift is required to sign acknowledging the coverage.

The shift coverage request is a contract, which implies that the employee who has agreed to take the shift will show up on time and ready to work the shift. If the employee who agreed to cover the shift does not abide by the coverage agreement, they may face disciplinary action.

If no coverage form is submitted prior to an employee being out due to a planned absence, that employee may face disciplinary action (leading up to termination) for failure to appear at work.


Excessive Absenteeism or Lateness

In general, two (2) unexcused absences in a 30-day period, or a consistent pattern of absence, and will be considered excessive along with the reasons for the absences coming under question.

Tardiness or leaving early, without prior approval or notification, is as detrimental to BoxFit Fitness as an absence. Three (3) such incidents in a 30-day period will be considered a “tardiness pattern” and will carry the same weight as an absence.

Other factors, like the degree of lateness, may be considered.  Such excessive behavior will result in a written reprimand.

Be aware that excessive absenteeism including 3 infractions of absenteeism, lateness or leaving early may lead to disciplinary action, including possible dismissal.


Record of Absence or Lateness

If you are absent because of illness for two (2) or more successive days, your full-time supervisor may request that you submit written documentation from your doctor. If you are absent five (5) or more days because of illness, you will be required to provide written documentation, at your cost, from a doctor that you are able to resume normal work duties before you will be allowed to return to work.


Your full-time supervisor will make a note of any absence or lateness, and the reason, in your personnel file. Your attendance record will be considered when evaluating requests for time off, future schedules, and renewed employment assignments.


Inclement Weather Time Reporting


Please tune to radio station WSBTV  95.9 am for updates on current conditions.

Unfortunately, you will not be paid when the facilities are closed due to circumstances not within BoxFit Fitness’s control; the following are examples of such circumstances.

  • Operations cannot commence or continue due to imment threat to the safety of employees or property or when recommended by civil authorities.

  • Facility is closing as a result of national/facility holidays.

  • Public utilities fail to supply electricity, water, or gas, or there is a failure in the public utilities, or sewer system.

  • The interruption of work is caused by an “Act of Nature” (inclement weather, fire, flood, earthquake, avalanche, etc.) or some other cause not within BoxFit Fitness’s control.


Closure After Starting Time

If severe weather conditions exist and the facility decides to close the premises  for the remainder of the day, you will be notified as soon as possible by a full-time supervisor. You will only be paid for the time that you actually worked.


Closure Prior to Starting Time

We will attempt to contact you at least one (1) hour before your scheduled starting time if the BoxFit Facilitywill be closed.  You will not be paid for this time missed.

Standards of Conduct

Whenever people gather together to achieve goals, some rules of conduct is needed to help everyone work together efficiently, effectively, and harmoniously. Some people have problems with “rules” and “authority figures,” and past experience may have justified these thoughts and feelings; however, at BoxFit Fitness, we hold ourselves to a high standard of quality where the rules and authority figures simply assure that quality is maintained.

By accepting employment with us, you have a responsibility to BoxFit Fitness and to your fellow Employees to adhere to certain rules of behavior and conduct. The purpose of these rules is not to restrict your rights, but rather to be certain that you understand what conduct is expected and necessary. When each person is aware that he or she can fully depend upon fellow workers to follow the rules of conduct, then our organization will be a better place to work for everyone.

Unacceptable Activities

Generally speaking, we expect each person to act in a mature and responsible way at all times. However, to avoid any possible confusion, some of the more obvious unacceptable activities are noted below. Your avoidance of these activities will be to your benefit as well as the benefit of BoxFit Fitness. If you have any questions concerning any work or safety rule or any of the unacceptable activities listed below, please see your full-time supervisor for an explanation.

Occurrences of any of the following violations, because of their seriousness, may result in immediate dismissal without warning:

  • Willful violation of any facility/department rule; any deliberate action that is extreme in nature and is obviously detrimental to BoxFit Fitness’s efforts to operate.

  • Willful violation of security or safety rules or failure to observe safety rules or BoxFit Fitness safety practices; tampering with BoxFit Fitness equipment or safety equipment.

  • Negligence or any careless action which endangers the life or safety of another person.

  • Being intoxicated or under the influence of controlled substance drugs while at work; use, possess, or sale of controlled substance drugs in any quantity while on facility premises except medications prescribed by a physician which do not impair work performance.

  • Unauthorized possession of dangerous or illegal firearms, weapons or explosives on facility property or while on duty.

  • Engaging in criminal conduct or acts of violence, or making threats of violence toward anyone on facility premises or when representing BoxFit Fitness; fighting, or horseplay or provoking a fight on facility property, or negligent damage of property.

  • Insubordination or refusing to obey instructions properly issued by your supervisor pertaining to your work; refusal to help out on a special assignment.

  • Threatening, intimidating or coercing fellow employees on or off the premises—at any time, for any purpose.

  • Engaging in an act of sabotage; willfully or with gross negligence causing the destruction or damage of facility property, or the property of fellow employees, BOXFIT S&F Members, or visitors in any manner.

  • Theft of facility property or the property of fellow employees; unauthorized possession or removal of any facility property, including documents, from the premises without prior permission from supervisor; unauthorized use of facility equipment or property for personal reasons; using facility equipment for profit.

  • Dishonesty; willful falsification or misrepresentation on your application for employment or other work records; falsifying reason for an absence or other data requested by BoxFit Fitness; alteration of facility records or other facility documents.

  • Violating the non-disclosure agreement; breach of confidentiality of personnel information.

  • Conducting a lottery or gambling on facility premises.


Occurrences of any of the following activities, as well as violations of any BoxFit Fitness rules or policies, may be subject to disciplinary action, including possible immediate dismissal. This list is not all-inclusive.

  • Unsatisfactory or careless work; mistakes due to carelessness or failure to get necessary instructions.

  • Any act of harassment, sexual, racial or other; telling sexist or racial-type jokes; making racial or ethnic slurs.

  • Sleeping on the job; loitering or loafing during working hours.

  • Excessive use of telephone for personal calls.

  • Leaving your workstation during your work hours without notifying your Staff Supervisor.

  • Smoking in restricted areas or at non-designated times, as specified by department rules.

  • Creating or contributing to unsanitary conditions.

  • Excessive absence or lateness.

  • Obscene or abusive language toward any supervisor, employee or BOXFIT S&F Member; indifference or rudeness towards a BOXFIT S&F Member or fellow employee; any disorderly/antagonistic conduct on facility premises.

  • Failure to immediately report damage to, or an accident involving facility equipment.

  • Soliciting during working hours and/or in working areas; selling merchandise or collecting funds of any kind for charities or others without authorization during business hours, or at a time or place that interferes with the work of another employee on facility premises.

  • Failure to maintain a neat and clean appearance in terms of the standards established by your supervisor; any departure from accepted conventional modes of dress or personal grooming; wearing improper or unsafe clothing.

  • Eating food and beverages in undesignated areas or at your workstation.

  • Failure to clock in or out; alteration of your records or attendance documents; clocking someone else in our out.

  • Knowingly and willingly clocking in excessively early or clocking out excessively late.

Progressive Discipline

Unacceptable behavior, which does not lead to immediate dismissal, may be dealt with in the following manner:

  • Verbal Warning

  • Written Reprimand

  • Dismissal

Written reprimands will include the reasons for the supervisor’s dissatisfaction and any supporting evidence. You will have an opportunity to defend your actions and rebut the opinion of your supervisor at the time the warning is issued. Disciplinary actions may also include suspensions or other measures deemed appropriate to the circumstances.

This policy pertains to matters of conduct as well as the employee’s competence. However, an employee who does not display satisfactory performance and accomplishment on the job may be dismissed, in certain cases, without resorting to the steps set forth in this policy.

Under normal circumstances, full-time supervisors are expected to follow the three-step procedure outlined below. There may be particular situations, however, in which the seriousness of the offense justifies the omission of one or more of the steps in the procedure. Likewise, there may be times when the facility may decide to repeat a disciplinary step.

To ensure that BoxFit Fitness business is conducted properly and efficiently, you must conform to certain standards of attendance conduct; work performance and other work rules and regulations.

When a problem in these areas does arise, your full-time supervisor will coach and counsel you in mutually developing an effective solution. If, however, you fail to respond to coaching or counseling, or an incident occurs requiring formal discipline, the following procedures occur.

Step One: Verbal Warning

Your full-time supervisor or Staff supervisor will discuss the problem with you, making sure that you understand the nature of the violation and the expected remedy. The purpose of this conversation is to remind you of exactly what the rule or performance expectation is and also remind you that it is your responsibility to meet that expectation.  This conversation may or may not be identified as a verbal warning.


Your full-time supervisor will fully document the Verbal Warning, which will remain in effect for a semester or a year depending on the severity of the offense.  Documentation of the incident will remain in the department file.


Step Two: Written Reprimand

If your performance does not improve within the semester, or if you are again in violation of BoxFit Fitness practices, rules or standards of conduct, your full-time supervisor, after reviewing the situation with the Assistant Director or Director of BoxFit Fitness, will discuss the problem with you, emphasizing the seriousness of the problem and the need for you to immediately remedy the problem.


Following the conversation, your full-time supervisor will write a memo to you summarizing the discussion.


Step Three: Dismissal

If your performance does not improve within the one semester or year period following a Written Reprimand, or if you are again in violation of BoxFit Fitness practices, rules or standards of conduct, you will be dismissed.

Standards of Conduct

BoxFit Fitness Member Relations

The success of BoxFit Fitness depends upon the quality of the relationships between BoxFit Fitness, our employees, and our BOXFIT S&F Members. Our BOXFIT S&F Members’ impression of BoxFit Fitness and their interest and willingness to visit the BoxFit Facilityis greatly formed by the people who serve them. In a sense, regardless of your position, you are a BoxFit Fitness ambassador. The more goodwill you promote, the more our BOXFIT S&F Members will respect and appreciate you, and BoxFit Fitness.

Here are several things you can do to help give BOXFIT S&F Members a good impression of BoxFit Fitness:​

  • Act competently and deal with BOXFIT S&F Members in a courteous and respectful manner.

  • Communicate pleasantly and respectfully with other employees at all times.

  • Follow up on orders and questions promptly, provide business like replies to inquiries and requests, and perform all duties in an orderly manner.

  • Take great pride in your work and enjoy doing your very best.

A BboxFit T&A Member is defined as an individual who is a current BoxFit Staff, Trainer, Administration, or a paid contractor of the BoxFit, or a Family (Spouse and/or Minor) S&F Member. 


Cash Handling Procedures

The center does NOT accept  payment of cash for its products and services.  Cash payment is accepted only by authorized Staff employees or full time staff employees.  Upon receipt of payment, a receipt will be issued for their purchased through the client management system.

If the payment is by credit card, the supervisor will complete the transaction.  A valid driver’s license or ID must be presented. 

After completion of transaction, the authorized employee will immediately place cash in cash drawer and deposit in the designated secure safe at closing of each shift in a sealed envelope with print out of transaction listing report. Only the full time staff members have access to the safe.


Successful working conditions and relationships depend upon successful communication. Not only do you need to stay aware of changes in procedures, policies and general information; you also need to communicate your ideas, suggestions, personal goals or problems as they affect your work.

In addition to the exchanges of information and expressions of ideas and attitudes which occur daily, make certain you are aware of and utilize all BoxFit Fitness methods of communication, including this Employee Manual, bulletin boards, discussions with your full-time supervisor, memorandum, staff meetings, newsletters, training sessions, email, etc.

You will be required to provide BoxFit Fitness with an email address that you frequently check to improve communications between our employees and BoxFit Fitness.  On various occasions, electronic emails will be sent to update you on policies, procedures and to make you aware of upcoming activities.  You will be required to know this information.

BoxFit Fitness Member Relations
Dress Code/Personal Appearance

Dress Code/Personal Appearance

Please understand that you are expected to dress and groom yourself in accordance with accepted social and business standards, particularly if your job involves dealing with BoxFit T&A Members or visitors in person.

All employees in BoxFit Fitness are required to wear facility issued shirts (if shirts are available).  Shorts and jeans should be appropriate for fitness area and demonstrations on fitness equipment.  Cut off shorts or highrise shorts are not permitted.   Articles of clothing depicting fitness centers other then BoxFit are not permitted.

 You will have the option to buy additional shirts at the cost of $25.00.  Only staff members are eligible to purchase additional shirts.  

Should you fail to wear your required uniform, you will be required to rent a uniform or be sent away without pay.  The second time you fail to adhere to the dress code, you will be written up.  The third instance of not abiding by the dress code will result in immediate termination.

A neat, tasteful appearance contributes to the positive impression you make on our BoxFit T&A Members. You are expected to be suitably attired and groomed during working hours or when representing BoxFit Fitness. A good clean appearance bolsters your own poise and self-confidence and greatly enhances our facility image.

Personal appearance should be a matter of concern for each employee. If your full-time supervisor feels your attire is out of place, you may be asked to leave your workplace until you are properly attired. You will not be paid for the time you are off the job for this purpose. Your full-time supervisor has the sole authorization to determine an appropriate dress code, and anyone who violates this standard will be subject to appropriate disciplinary action.

First Aid

First Aid

Federal law (“OSHA”) requires that we keep records of all illnesses and accidents, which occur during the workday. The GEORGIA State Workers’ Compensation Act also requires that you report any illness or injury on the job, no matter how slight. If you hurt yourself or become ill, please contact your full-time supervisor or Staff Supervisor for assistance. If you fail to report an injury, you may jeopardize your right to collect workers’ compensation payments. OSHA also provides for your right to know about any health hazards, which might be present on the job. Should you have any questions or concerns, contact your supervisor for more information.

In addition, all BoxFit Fitness Trainers are required to be CPR and Basic First Aid certified during duration of employment. Trainings will be scheduled during the calendar year and employees will be required to attend the mandatory training.

Whenever you have a problem or complaint, we expect you to speak up and communicate directly with us. You can take the following steps:

     1. First, talk to your immediate full-time or Staff Supervisor.   These individuals are most familiar with you and your job and are, therefore, in the best position to assist you. These individuals work closely with you, and are interested in seeing that you are treated fairly and properly.

    2.  If your full-time supervisor cannot help you resolve the matter, you can speak to the Admin or the Operations Manager of BoxFit Fitness who will give your problem or complaint prompt consideration.

Remember—it is always best to resolve problems right away. Little problems tend to turn into big problems; facts become confused; resentment and anger builds up. It is always best to get things off your chest before they get out of hand.

Resolving Problems

Resolving Problems


Neatness and good housekeeping are signs of efficiency. You are expected to keep your work area neat and orderly at all times—it is a required safety precaution.

Easily accessible trash receptacles and recycling containers are located throughout the building. Please put all litter and recyclable materials in the appropriate receptacles and containers. Always be aware of good health and safety standards, including fire and loss prevention.

Please report anything that needs repairing or replacing to a Staff Supervisor immediately.

Personal Belongings

BoxFit Fitness employees are not permitted to hold or secure BoxFit T&A Members or guest belongings during the time the BoxFit T&A Member or guest is utilizing the facility. This includes but not limited to books, backpacks, jewelry, etc.  Boxfit is not responsible for lost or stolen property.

Employees should store their personal belongings in their rented locker or Staff supervisor areas. Personal belongings should be stored neatly and properly to prevent any theft and/or clutter in work areas.


Employees are to be sitting upright at their stations while on their shift.  Absolutely no one should sit on counters or desks.  Employees should not put feet on counters.  No sleeping on counters.  Employees are not permitted to wear headphones, bluetooths or use IPODS while working.  No friends “parking” or hanging around counters while the employee is working.  Employees should be alert, disciplined, friendly yet professional.  Staff on duty should be the only individual behind counter.  No one should be reaching over and grabbing supplies from counter.

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