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Janaya Davis, A.S.

  • Personal Trainer

  • Exercise Science

  • Certified Paramedic

  • Certified Pediatric Advanced Life Saving

  • Fitness and Aerobics Instructor

  • Certified CPR & First Aid

  • Profession: Paramedic & Business Owner

  • Retired: Firefighter, Professional Boxer (retired ranked 4th in the world), International Competition and National Champion

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About Jai

Janaya (Jai) Davis born and raised in Chicago, Ill developed a love for competitive and challenging sports activities at age nine. She excelled in track and field, swimming, gymnastics and basketball. Being coachable and winning was easy in the world of sports for Janaya. As she continued to compete on a collegiate level, she realized how much better she could be with the right training and discipline. 


As a young adult, she began boxing as a hobby and saw the importance in how boxing assisted her to stay in shape. Not long after playing around in the gym and sparring with some of the biggest names in the boxing arena, such as Laila Ali, Vernon Forrest and Robert Allen, boxing as a hobby awakened her passion for competition. Janaya took her natural athletic talents and added dedication, discipline and training to create what lead her to retire ranked 4th in the world. 


Janaya began traveling nationally representing the USA as the #1 ranked female amateur boxer in the country and not long after she started boxing internationally. Soon after being disappointed as an Olympic hopeful, she turned professional. She traveled around the globe fighting the best female boxers the world had to offer. When she was not boxing nationally and internationally, she was a sparring partner for Laila Ali. 

Jai shares stories of having had six back surgeries and not using those surgeries as an excuse to not exercise and eat healthy. Janaya has turned her experience of staying physically fit and healthy into a passion to motivate others to achieve their health fitness goals.

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